Saturday, March 12, 2011

A little bit of visiting Irish appetizer and an apperitif

Hi everyone, this is kat ate that's cousin and friend, visiting the U S of A all the way from Northern Ireland (best place in the world for anyone who's never visited and that's not just because I'm paid to say that - check it out for yourself 

Anyway, with a little coercion, I've persuaded kat to allow me to guest blog (am very excited) and share with you all my pre dinner concoctions from last night (a specified pre-trip kat instruction - no such thing as a free holiday anymore). 

I'd also like to take the opportunity to introduce you to Delia Smith - the godmother of British celebrity chefs - all great recipes start with a touch of Delia and in my experience following her recipes you can never go wrong.  My version of Frijolemole is based on one of Delia's recipes; its a variation on a hummus type dip and in the spirit of "kat ate that" I have:

a) tried to be healthy-ish (go easy on the chips); and,
b) improvised (which to be fair wasn't actually by choice; "she" didn't buy me all my ingredients)

So here goes....

My Frijolemole
based on (,


1 tin chickpeas/ garbanzo beans (440g)
1 medium white onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, chopped
juice of 1 lime
1 fresh chilli
a few drops of tobasco sauce
fresh chopped coriander (cilantro for you American readers)
2 tablespoons soured cream (low fat
salt and pepper
1 red pepper finely diced

  1. Fry the onion and garlic in a little oil for about 10 minutes until soft (do not brown)
  2. Drain the tin of chickpeas and put in the food processor with some salt and pepper
  3. Add the fried onion and garlic and the juice of the lime and blend to a smoothish paste (yesterday I added a splash of milk and a drizzle of olive oil while blending to soften)
  4. Empty the puree into a bowl and add the chilli, tobasco, coriander, sour cream and salt and pepper to taste
  5. Finally add the red pepper (the original recipe does not include red pepper but adds a chopped fresh tomato and 3 spring onions - however, as I said kat didn't shop properly so I improvised with a red pepper which actually was very tasty)
Serve with warm pitta bread (for health) and corn chips (for tastiness) - de-licious!

And then flavour with........

Boozeberry Fizz

Last week at home I was introduced to Boozeberries Irish Liquer - I will never look back and therefore feel is my duty to convert as many boozeberries virgins as possible -

I (kindly) brought a bottle of the wild cranberry flavour with me under my oxter*. Last night we combined it with prosecco to create a (new to me) taste sensation (Joyce, you'd love it!).  Clearly, no recipe required.


* colloquial Northern Irish for armpit


  1. Looks mighty fine (minus the old peppers for me though!) Am particularly interested in the Boozeberry Fizz! I take it the celebrations are going well ...

  2. Celebrations were fab thanks! You'd LOVE that cocktail!