Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's Summer cocktail time!

Blackberry Cocktail

Tell me you don't want one of these! I love a cocktail and a summer cocktail is just the best. So when my cocktail making, other half returned from trader joes today with blackberries, I hatched a plan. True, it was a vague plan but it involved blackberries, ice and some booze. The rest I generally leave up to my husband.

So when we arrived home this evening, somewhat overwhelmed from our first US dance recital experience, a blackberry cocktail was all I could think of. Quickly delegating the task to my husband, I turned to my children whose dinner I'd given no thought whatsoever.

All was not lost, I did make it to the opening day of Suffern Farmers Market today. Despite some light rain (which I'm much less put off by, given my recent trip home!) we had a great time. The girls carried their shopping bags and umbrellas and spent all the cash in my purse. They colored at the kids stand and I listened to the live music and drank a cup of coffee. What pleased me most was that they asked to come back next week.

Anyway, tonight, out rolled a quick standby; whole wheat gnocchi. I paired that with my farmers market pesto, followed by some fresh strawberries, Greek yogurt and honey. So I salvaged my guilt at my selfish, 'me first' cocktail thought, by serving them some farmers market produce.

That done and a goodnight tv show on for the girls, we sampled our blackberry cocktail. Oh my! A perfectly refreshing, totally hit the spot, summer drink. Quite honestly, way too drinkable for a Mummy who needs to get up with a clear head tomorrow morning. But very very yummy.

Try it for yourselves

Blackberry Cocktail
(please excuse the slightly vague recipe, my husband was in full creating mode and not taking notes!)


20 blackberries
1 medium lemon, juiced
1 heaped teaspoon icing sugar
Decent glug vodka
Soda water


1. Blend the berries, lemon juice, icing sugar and vodka
2. Strain to remove the berry seeds
3. Place into 4 tall glasses
4. Add a generous amount of ice
5. Top up with soda water to your taste
6. Garnish with a slice of lemon


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  1. oh my! forget the mojitos...this looks wonderful! Sorry I missed you today!